As I gamer I happened to really get into some easy in-game photography last year, mainly with Halo 3 for the X-box 360. I fell in and out with how often I updated my photos and some I even took to photo shop for some retouching and personalization. I haven’t really done much with the photos since I did upload them onto my account (CheeseSteakLord) on They mainly sat in a folder on my desktop and were occasionally my background or compiled together to make a slideshow as my screen saver. I never really thought of sharing them with the world outside of my Bungie profile, but I figure here is a little outlet that someone might stumble upon and notice. If you do happen to like any of the photos you see, feel free to download and use them any way you like. Below is just one of the pictures that you can click through to see the entire album and slideshow. Enjoy.

Halo,Halo 3

In addition I decided to take up some photography work during my two week winter vacation to the islands of  New Zealand using only my iPhone 4. I believe I made great work of the trip, in total taking somewhere around 300 pictures. Most are just of the scenery or of things that caught my attention, but I believe all do a good job in explaining the vast diversity of the beauty of the islands, feel free to click through and check out the entire album.



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